onoplin Jury Anatoljevich was born in 1965 in a mine settlement of South-Yenisei Motigin area of Krasnoyarsk Region. When he was three his family has moved in a settlement Angarsky of Bogutchansk area.
      That time these settlements were the places of exile. It formed a spiritual and cultural life of a settlement. In severe Siberian condition people appreciated features of the person, skill to work and necessity of joint efforts for survival.
      His farther was a joiner-carpenter at mine-machine and timber processing, his mother was a teacher of mathematics at school. His grandmother gave him and two his elder sisters a lot of attention and love. She was native Siberian.
      Not far from the house there was an airfield where the planes An-2 arrived; the helicopters brought cargoes. The prospecting expeditions passed the settlement roads on cross-country vehicles. Everything excited his imagination and attracted to unknown.
    Hunting, fishing, floating on the raft on the taiga rivers, walking expeditions in taiga from the early childhood have learned him to understand and to appreciate the nature.

      The youth of that time loved the songs of the amateur authors and guitar was always with them.   Such impressions formed the creative of the artist.
     The cultural centre of the settlement was school where were conditions for development of art, sports and artistic creativity.He was engaged in a circle of drawing, studing independently basis of painting by handout of correspondence national university of arts. The future artist prepared missing materials for painting himself. His favourite painting has become the oil-painting.
     In 1986 he had graduated from Orenburg pilot school and was sent to Seaside in the town Artem.    He was a pilot of military planes Tu-16 and Tu-22 during 11year of air practice. He had an opportunity to visit different parts of our country. Beautiful nature of Far East, its mountains, springs and sea have helped him to return to painting.
     In 90th yeas, when the Armed forces were in crisis, he understood, that it was impossible to continue the professional activity as a pilot and he has decided to devote himself to painting.
His first personal exhibition under the name Ocean of roads was opened in September 2001 in gallery of the city Vladivostok.
     In October of the same year this exhibition took place in the museum of the town Artem.
     The most interesting and inseparable parts of his work (by opinion of the painter) are the walking and camping expeditions in taiga, along the coast of the Japanese sea, floating on the Raft on the rivers. When its possible, he visits the native places on Angara, in Orenburg region, where he has become a pilot.
     In museum of the town Busuluk he had the exhibition of his works with results of his travel.
Traditional kinds of sports which were engaged from childhood: ski races, track and field events, hockey-have remained favourite up to this days. He takes part in ski competitions, in towns Spassk-distant, Artem, Arsenjew. It helps him to feel and to touch traditions and culture of the people.
     The artist has written more than 400 works, which are in private collections in our country and abroad.

G.J Dodonova




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