Y. Konoplin

      onoplin Jury Anatoljevich, was born in 1965 in Siberia in a small settlement near Angara. He lived in the family, where the art was respected and creative attitude to favourite pursuits was appreciated.
      The settlement was picturesquely located on a bank of Angara, mighty and capricious river with its rocky and flat banks, bills and taiga leaving for horizon-all of in impressed the soul of the future artist and revealed itself in the tremulous attitude to the nature and was reflected in his landscapes.
      He dreamed about the distant seas and romantic distant walking and camping expeditions from childhood. His dream has resulted him in the sky. The military pilot absorbed beauty of the sky, clouds, sea and coast. The mighty wings have enabled him to see Ural and Kamchatka, Ukraine and Sakhalin. The nature of Far East has subdued his heart for ever by its inexpressible beauty.
     All of it has helped him to painting in difficult time, having replaced romanticism of the sky to romanticism, of distant walking and camping expeditions.    

    Alter numerous trips to Siberia and Ural, after traveling in taiga by foot and on rivers by rafts, he has created a cycle of original landscapes having transferred in them colour of different geographical landscapes with surprising reliability.
   Pine forest and small river on Ural, boundless Siberian expansion, deep and majestic Angara, crystal springs and waterfalls of Seaside, various and generous Ussury taiga-all of it we see in his pictures. His first personal exhibition in 2001 in Vladivostok was named Ocean of roads.
In all works of this original artist you can feel any wonderful drawing force, which excites you.
    Working above a cycle of landscapes White beaches of the Japanese sea, he traveled with rucksack along the sea coast. Passing from a bay to a bay he tried to feel originality of each gulf, original melody of each bay, majestic grace of rocks and music of surf.
His pictures are full of romanticism, kindness and life approval.

G.J Dodonova



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